To Honor Excellence…

Welcome to the official blog of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame!

Our purpose here is to shine a spotlight on the incredible stories, personalities and achievements of the greatest legends in the history of gymnastics.

Induction into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame is the highest honor an athlete or individual can attain within our sport. As of January, 2012, only 76 gymnasts and lifetime achievement honorees, representing 20 nations, have been enshrined.

Our distinguished Honorees are among the most recognized and revered citizens in their native countries, and beyond. And if you are an avid or even a casual fan of our sport, you know that many of our legends are on a first-name basis with wider world itself: OlgaNadiaMary Lou

And so, while our mission is to preserve, promote and share the achievements of all our legends, there is an even higher purpose driving the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Our purpose is to celebrate a rare and extraordinary brand of excellence. This excellence has the power to inspire, to unify and to elevate the hopes and dreams of an entire planet –– one tiny Olympic hero, one charismatic World Champion, one visionary sportsman and sportswoman at a time!

We invite you to join us in this endeavor, and help spread the word and share the stories behind some of the greatest athletes and champions the world has ever known!Image

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