Legends meeting legends in the making…

International Gymnastics Hall of Fame legends (and spouses) Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci scored a “perfect 10” this past weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Their Bart & Nadia Sports & Health Festival was a smashing success, bringing thousands of participants together in a multi-faceted, interactive celebration of the joys and benefits of being physically active.

Gymnastics was certainly center stage during weekend-long event, with collegiate, boys and an international competitions taking place. Staying true to the Olympic and paralympic spirit, Bart and Nadia designed this gathering to be as all-inclusive as possible.  From kayaking to archery, rowing to shooting hockey pucks into a washing machine, every aspect pointed toward the simple truth — being active, healthy and adventurous is not only the key to living a vital, happy life…it’s FUN!

Here’s just one of many interviews Bart gave during the event:

Check out this link Shared via http://ow.ly:.

This is, indeed, a perfect example of how so many of our IGHOF inductees have brought to life our motto: “Where legends meet legends in the making”

Please share with us other examples you may be aware of around the globe where gymnastics’ greatest legends continue to promote the universality of sport and its impact on the well-being of society…especially children!

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